Is this a firmware up­date or is some­thing amiss?

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Ev­ery time I turn on my re­cently-up­dated-to-Yosemite Mac mini it shows a screen akin to what hap­pens when you up­date an iOS de­vice. Is this nor­mal? I’m new to a Mac, although I’m fa­mil­iar with iOS de­vices. My mini has a 2.5 GHz In­tel Core i5 pro­ces­sor with 8GB of RAM and it’s slow, de­spite hav­ing 445.72GB out of 500GB free… Brian An­der­son The load­ing bar at boot time is nor­mal. Yosemite in­tro­duced this in­stead of the spin­ner that we had be­fore, to give you an idea of load­ing progress. Progress bars don’t ad­vance at an even pace; it’s only a rough guide. Your Mac mini is the same spec as mine, and I’ve no­ticed that Yosemite is slower to boot up than Mav­er­icks, but once I’m logged in, things run at the same speed. That 445GB of free disk space has no ef­fect; disk space only af­fects how much room you have to in­stall apps and save stuff. It won’t slow your Mac down un­til you’re out of space. The speed of the disk drive does have an ef­fect on how zippy OS X feels, though. If you up­grade your in­ter­nal hard disk to a SSD, such as the MX100 (£167 from cru­cial. com) you’ll see a per­for­mance boost.

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