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by Luis Vil­la­zon I went to look at the Retina 5K iMac a few weeks ago, to re­as­sure my­self. Be­cause I re­ally don’t want to like it. An ex­tra £400 more than the high­est­spec 27-inch non-retina iMac? Four hun­dredths of a penny for each ex­tra pixel sounds cheap, but most of mine will just be white. I nor­mally have my dis­play tiled, with Scrivener and Finder tak­ing up the left-hand side, and Mail and Sa­fari on the right. How much sharper do I re­ally need my text to be?

But hap­pily, even full-screen pho­tos on the 5K iMac in the store didn’t seem all that much bet­ter to me. This is the fault of my reti­nas, not the iMac’s.

Four hun­dredths of a penny for each ex­tra

pixel? But most of mine will just be white

Th­ese days, with my glasses on, retina res­o­lu­tion is 2560x1440, tops. To make out the in­di­vid­ual pix­els on a Retina 5K screen, I’d have to get so close that I’d be Luis through the look­ing glass. I think that mon­i­tors have now be­come as large as they ever will – both in terms of res­o­lu­tion and phys­i­cal di­men­sions. I’m im­pa­tient for them to start get­ting smaller again!

Ap­ple needs its own ver­sion of Google Glass. I want pre­scrip­tion lenses with built-in screens and head track­ing. My desk­top mon­i­tor be­comes a white sec­tion of wall that the glasses use as a vir­tual pro­jec­tion screen. My apps are dis­played when I’m look­ing at that bit of the wall, but if I look away, they scroll off to the side. And ev­ery­one else sees just the wall. Now that’s some­thing I’d pay an ex­tra £400 for…

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