My mon­i­tor has lost some pix­els!

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My 27-inch Dell Ul­trasharp mon­i­tor has been play­ing up. It’s been fine for a 18 months, but re­cently I got a new Mac­Book Pro and now I can’t get it to dis­play at full res­o­lu­tion. It is stuck at 1280x768, which is much worse than the MBP can cope with and worse than it used to be on my old Mac! James Cot­trel The mon­i­tor hard­ware is prob­a­bly fine. It’s more likely a prob­lem with the EDID (Ex­tended Dis­play Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion Data) con­fig­u­ra­tion – a way for mon­i­tors to tell your graph­ics card the best way to for­mat images for that screen. Some of the Dell mon­i­tors don’t list their na­tive res­o­lu­tion prop­erly, and if your graph­ics card driver doesn’t over­ride this value, you can be stuck in 1280x768 or 1360x765. Open the Dis­plays pref­er­ences and hold down å while you click the ‘Scaled’ res­o­lu­tion but­ton. This shows all the dis­play res­o­lu­tions that your graph­ics card can out­put, and you can man­u­ally force 2560x1440. If the mon­i­tor still won’t co­op­er­ate, you’ll need to use an EDID over­ride file. Th­ese are just text files, but cre­at­ing one for your­self from scratch is a tall or­der; but there are over­ride files for the Dell mon­i­tors at em­b­

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