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In iPhoto on my Mac, I can up­load and share files to iCloud. It’s crude at present, but works. On my iPad (iOS 8.1) I’ve ac­ti­vated iCloud Photo Beta and it has up­loaded my Cam­era Roll which I can see when I log in to Where are my pho­tos that I’ve shared in iPhoto to iCloud? I can’t see them any­where. I have friends who are also strug­gling with their photo li­braries; up­load­ing them will be a great so­lu­tion, but at present I’m re­luc­tant to help them out un­til I un­der­stand what is go­ing on! Jeff Lill When you turn on iCloud Photo Li­brary, it cre­ates a sin­gle on­line stor­age place for all your pho­tos. It re­places Pho­to­stream, which is just an on­line buf­fer of the last thou­sand pho­tos or the last 30 days’ worth, which­ever is less. Your iCloud pho­tos are vis­i­ble in iPhoto by click­ing the iCloud icon un­der ‘Shared’ in the side­bar. On your iPad, they’re vis­i­ble in the All Pho­tos al­bum in the Pho­tos app. But what you can’t do is view your pho­tos from your browser. There isn’t a web in­ter­face for pho­tos; it’s a de­lib­er­ate omis­sion, since Ap­ple tends to steer you to us­ing their own hard­ware and apps, rather than a generic browser in­ter­face.

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