Fat-fin­gered typ­ing

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I’ve just bought my first iPhone (a 5c). But I fear I may have made a mis­take; the on-screen key­board is cramped for my poor fin­gers. With an older phone, the phys­i­cal keys help with po­si­tion­ing, but the screen key­board loses this feed­back. Any sug­ges­tions? Jon Tran­som ‘Fat fin­ger­ing’ isn’t the ex­clu­sive pre­serve of the older tex­ter, but if you ar­rive late to smart­phones, it can be a shock. Twenty-some­things have lived most of their phone-own­ing lives in the age of the iPhone and they have the mo­tor con­trol and the mus­cle mem­ory to cope with touch­screen key­boards. Turn­ing the phone side­ways (so that the key­board is in land­scape mode) helps, as does hold­ing the phone in both hands and typ­ing with your thumbs. If that doesn’t give you a good enough hit rate, try Swype (69p). This lets you type by slid­ing your fin­ger from one let­ter to the next with­out lifting it up. It sounds like it would be harder, but the word recog­ni­tion is ac­tu­ally sig­nif­i­cantly more for­giv­ing.

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