A beige screen?

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My iPhone 5 Maps app has be­come un­re­spon­sive, and shows a blank beige screen. I don’t want to re­set the phone to fac­tory set­tings. Is there any­thing I can do to re­store it? Peter El­liott Sadly, you’re prob­a­bly go­ing to have to re­set the phone. Try the Re­set All Set­tings op­tion in Gen­eral > Re­set since this won’t ac­tu­ally delete any data. This might fix things if the map has got it­self jammed on the high­est zoom level so, say, no de­tail is vis­i­ble. But it’s more likely that one of the down­loaded map tiles is cor­rupted and the only way to clear that is to use ‘Erase All Con­tent and Set­tings’. You’ll be able to re­store your data from the last iCloud backup.

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