Get­ting crea tive

Go wild with fil­ters and ef­fects

Mac Format - - RATED -

All the apps on test pro­vide at least some one-shot fil­ters and ef­fects you can ap­ply to your images. Even GIMP, the least user­friendly pack­age here, has a Fil­ter menu filled with op­tions. What it doesn’t pro­vide is any in­di­ca­tion of what your im­age might look like with the fil­ter ap­plied, so a hand on ç+Z can come in handy. Pho­toDirec­tor’s Pre­sets pal­ette al­ters a thumb­nail of your im­age as you mouse over its list, while iPhoto dis­plays a grid of fil­tered thumb­nails and Pho­to­shop El­e­ments of­fers a Fil­ter Gallery op­tion to give a pre­view of what you’ll get, and Pix­el­ma­tor’s Ef­fects Browser shows thumb­nails of ev­ery ef­fect on images of flow­ers. AfterShot, with its em­pha­sis on slider-based edit­ing, doesn’t pre­view its pre­sets. Hats have to come off to Pho­toDirec­tor for its num­ber of built-in op­tions, com­ple­mented by user-cre­ated and down­load­able ones, but Pix­el­ma­tor is no slouch ei­ther, the po­si­tion of your pointer on the ef­fect icon in its browser de­ter­min­ing the strength of the ef­fect.

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