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Masks, lay­ers, merg­ing pho­tos…

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If you want to take things fur­ther and start mak­ing re­ally ad­vanced ed­its and ef­fects, the three more ad­vanced apps, PS El­e­ments, GIMP and Pix­el­ma­tor, come into their own due to their support for edit­ing lay­ers. With th­ese apps, parts of the im­age can be se­lected, cut-out, ro­tated, scaled, dis­torted, fil­tered and even re­moved com­pletely. You can use masks so your ed­its only af­fect part of a photo, and save your projects with their lay­ers in­tact to come back to later. iPhoto, AfterShot and Pho­toDirec­tor are more limited in this area, pro­vid­ing in­stead lens cor­rec­tions and fine con­trol over things like noise, sharp­ness and dis­tor­tion re­moval. If you want to cre­ate flashy spe­cial ef­fects your­self, or move el­e­ments within an im­age – per­haps even com­posit­ing some­thing from another photo into it, one of the three Pho­to­shop-like apps is best. If you’d rather make the best pos­si­ble ver­sion of a photo with­out adding or sub­tract­ing el­e­ments from it, con­sider one of the Light­room-like apps in­stead.

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