The LEGO Movie Videogame

De­feat the evil Lord Business and his min­ions in the lat­est LEGO game

Mac Format - - RATED - Feral In­ter­ac­tive, fer­al­in­ter­ac­ 1.8GHz CPU, 4GB RAM Loads of char­ac­ters to un­lock Two-player co-op mode

We’ll say up front that the LEGO Movie Videogame isn’t quite as awe­some as its bigscreen name­sake. But that’s partly be­cause, over the past few years, the LEGO for­mula has been used in more than a dozen games, and it’s start­ing to feel a bit over-fa­mil­iar.

It doesn’t get off to a great start; there’s a brief and not-very-help­ful tu­to­rial that barely in­tro­duces the main con­trols be­fore throw­ing you into the main game. This fol­lows the story of the film quite closely, and starts by in­tro­duc­ing the hero, Em­met. Since Em­met is a con­struc­tion worker, there’s a lengthy se­ries of scenes set on a con­struc­tion site, where you’re given some fairly dull tasks to com­plete.

For­tu­nately, things pick up a lit­tle fur­ther into the game as you swim through an un­der­wa­ter co­ral reef or ride through Cloud Cuckoo Land. And, of course, the game lets you play with other char­ac­ters from the film, in­clud­ing Bat­man and the gi­ant stomp­ing ro­bot, Me­tal­beard, all of whom have spe­cial abil­i­ties.

There’s one thing to watch out for, though. The game is avail­able from both the Mac App Store and the on­line Steam Store. The Steam ver­sion is cheaper at £14.99, but doesn’t in­clude the ex­tra Wild West ex­pan­sion pack. The Mac App Store charges £23, but bun­dles the ex­pan­sion pack, so it’s up to you to de­cide how much LEGO you want to pay for. Cliff Joseph

It gets off to a slow start, but stick with it and you’ll dis­cover all the fun of the smash-hit LEGO Movie.

You can re­live your favourite scenes from the LEGO Movie.

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