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I cur­rently have a 2011 Mac­Book Pro which is my pride and joy. I also have an iPhone 6 (128GB), and in or­der to save space I keep all of my me­dia on an ex­ter­nal West­ern Dig­i­tal My Cloud 3TB drive. I can ac­cess files us­ing the My Cloud iOS app and also by mount­ing it as a net­work drive on my Mac. I use it for UPNP to my PlaySta­tion and to store my mu­sic me­dia. I store my iTunes li­brary and any apps lo­cally on my Mac­Book but keep the huge amount of me­dia on the ex­ter­nal drive.

My ques­tion is two-fold. The first part is whether you know of any other iOS apps that can ac­cess the files stored on the My Cloud drive. The My Cloud app is all well and good but the UX isn’t all it could be.

My sec­ond ques­tion re­lates to an older ex­ter­nal drive which used to be the home of all my me­dia. It is at the mo­ment a backup of all my me­dia, but I would like to be able to plug it into my router and use it as a cloud stor­age de­vice ac­ces­si­ble as a net­work drive from my Mac and an iOS app so I can ac­cess, play, edit those files on the go. I have seen sev­eral ser­vices like OwnCloud and a rather nifty Kick­starter project called Lima. I don’t want my lo­cal Mac files to be synced, I sim­ply want to be able to put my old hard drive to use and use it in the same man­ner as I do the My Cloud.

I would love a so­lu­tion that brings the same Ap­ple-like sim­plic­ity and sleek UI/UX so that this old drive can be dusted off and put to good use. Adam Martin Matt Bolton says: Does your My Cloud drive have a USB port on the back? If it does, a so­lu­tion to your sec­ond ques­tion could be as sim­ple as plug­ging your ex­ist­ing hard drive into that, and con­fig­ur­ing it us­ing the My Cloud in­ter­face. Al­ter­na­tively, if your router sup­ports it, you can plug it into a USB port on the router and ei­ther ac­cess it through FTP or use some­thing like a Po­go­plug to cre­ate your own server. Your suc­cess in do­ing this will de­pend en­tirely on what model of My Cloud and router you are us­ing.

The My Cloud app is de­signed to work with the drive, and we’re not aware of any al­ter­na­tives. Per­haps we can throw this one open to our read­ers…

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