Is Minecraft try­ing to down­load viruses?

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I treated my­self to a new Mac­Book for Christ­mas. It’s mostly for surf­ing and pho­tos, but I want my grand­son to be able to play Minecraft on it when he vis­its. Minecraft worked fine on my pre­vi­ous Mac­Book Pro (a 2012 model), but now when I try to start it, it claims I need to in­stall le­gacy soft­ware. Is this safe to do? Alasdair Cran­bourne

Yes. Minecraft uses the Java run­time com­po­nent, which used to be bun­dled with OS X. This hasn’t been in­cluded with OS X since Moun­tain Lion, be­cause Ap­ple views Java as a po­ten­tial se­cu­rity risk. While it’s true that some ma­li­cious soft­ware does try to ex­ploit bugs in Java to attack your com­puter, the Java run­time it­self is not a scam and down­load­ing it from the of­fi­cial site (­load) won’t in­fect your Mac­Book with any­thing. You can make Java safer on your com­puter by open­ing Java pref­er­ences (this should be added to Sys­tem Pref­er­ences when you in­stall Java) and untick­ing the box marked ‘En­able Java con­tent in the browser’.

The snag with this is that some other apps – Adobe Pho­to­shop CS5 is one – won’t run us­ing the lat­est ver­sion of Java. They need a spe­cial tweaked ver­sion, avail­able from Ap­ple at sup­port.ap­ kb/DL1572. You can have both ver­sions in­stalled at the same time though.

Ul­ti­mately, the fix for th­ese ap­pli­ca­tions is for them to mi­grate away from Java or in­clude their own bun­dled ver­sion with the pro­gram files. For Minecraft, Mo­jang is work­ing on a new ver­sion to do just this, avail­able soon. Once re­leased, delete the old Java by search­ing for javaap­plet­plu­gin. plugin, and drag­ging it to the trash.

New Macs don’t in­clude the Java run­time com­po­nent by de­fault any­more, but you can still down­load it.

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