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My iMac no­ti­fied me it had in­stalled a se­cu­rity up­date. I checked to see what it af­fected and it’s some­thing to do with Net­work Time. This fix is great and all, but I have an older iMac run­ning Snow Leop­ard that I use for ap­pli­ca­tions that need Rosetta. Is this ma­chine vul­ner­a­ble? Dan Ren­frew The vul­ner­a­bil­ity was in the ntpd dae­mon that keeps the sys­tem clock syn­chro­nised over the in­ter­net. A hacker could in the­ory have tricked OS X into ex­e­cut­ing some ma­li­cious code. There aren’t any known cases of any­one ex­ploit­ing this bug as yet, but it’s the­o­ret­i­cally pos­si­ble that any un­patched OS X ma­chine could be af­fected. Ap­ple has been able to push se­cu­rity patches, with­out wait­ing for you to run Soft­ware Up­date, since Moun­tain Lion, but this is the first time it has taken ad­van­tage of it.

Un­for­tu­nately there is no patch avail­able for older ver­sions of OS X at the time of writ­ing. If you are con­cerned, you can open Date & Time pref­er­ences and untick the box marked ‘Set date and time au­to­mat­i­cally’. This will un­load the ntpd dae­mon al­to­gether, as you can see by open­ing Ac­tiv­ity Mon­i­tor and search­ing for ntpd.

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