Screen shar­ing in Mes­sages

Use this pow­er­ful na­tive func­tion to help friends use their Macs

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OS X (Mav­er­icks and Yosemite) has a re­ally use­ful func­tion called Screen Shar­ing. With it, you view the screen of a friend’s Mac while hav­ing an au­dio con­ver­sa­tion with them. Once you start Screen Shar­ing a FaceTime Au­dio chat is au­to­mat­i­cally started, so you can talk the other per­son through what­ever OS X process they are try­ing to do.

Screen Shar­ing is an ex­tremely use­ful fea­ture if friends reg­u­larly ask for help with OS X or vice versa. As you view the screen, you can click at things to high­light and you both see a small cir­cle high­light­ing that part of the screen.

You can even take con­trol of the other per­son’s screen (with their per­mis­sion) and can con­trol their cur­sor us­ing your mouse or track­pad. You can even copy files to and from your Mac to their com­puter. All while you’re talk­ing them through things.

Screen Shar­ing is such a pow­er­ful fea­ture that we want ev­ery Mac user to know how it works. With Screen Shar­ing you and your friend can fig­ure out OS X fea­tures, or get help from some­body else. All you need is the Mes­sages app and their Ap­ple ID (usu­ally an email end­ing in Let’s see how it works… Lucy Hat­ter­s­ley

Screen Shar­ing is such a pow­er­ful fea­ture, we want ev­ery Mac user to know how it works

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