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One of the joys of Pages is its re­liance on tem­plates. It ships with pre-built doc­u­ment types, cov­er­ing news­let­ters, mail­shots and ev­ery­thing in be­tween, and each is a jump­ing off point for your own work.

Tem­plates are sub­tly dif­fer­ent to regular doc­u­ments, as each is built us­ing hot zones called ‘place­hold­ers’. Tap­ping one lets you swap out its con­tents, with the new con­tent tak­ing on the for­mat­ting used to style up the place­holder.

If none of the tem­plates sup­plied with the app suit your needs, you can cre­ate your own – on a Mac – to save time in the fu­ture and de­fine a team’s house style.

Pages isn’t a Mac-only app, though – it also runs on the iPad, iPhone and at in a PC or Mac’s web browser, but none are as fully fea­tured as the OS X orig­i­nal. While those ver­sions can use tem­plates as start­ing points, you can’t use them to build your own.

For­tu­nately there is a work­around if you’re run­ning Pages on iOS and the Mac: build your tem­plates in OS X, then trans­fer them to your mo­bile de­vice over iCloud. They still won’t work on, but you can save time and con­form to house style when work­ing on the move. Nik Rawl­in­son

If none of the tem­plates suit your needs, cre­ate your own to save time in the fu­ture

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