El­gato thun­der­bolt 2 Dock

Mac Format - - RATED | KIT - £180 Man­u­fac­turer El­gato, el­gato.com

1 El­gato’s dock takes up more desk space than CalDigit’s (op­po­site), but they’re oth­er­wise very sim­i­lar in ports and their ar­range­ment, though El­gato has omit­ted niche eSATA. It also pro­vides a drive ejec­tion util­ity, and both docks of­fer very sim­i­lar USB per­for­mance. Only StarTech beats their quan­tity of USB ports. Unique fea­tures or limited desk space might draw you to other op­tions, but El­gato’s fea­tures and af­ford­abil­ity are right for most. It’s a neck-and-neck fin­ish with CalDigit, with this cost­ing a tad less.

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