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Is the task man­age­ment com­pre­hen­sive?

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Clear is very sim­ple and if you have com­plex home and work tasks on the go, you’ll find it doesn’t of­fer the flex­i­bil­ity of some of the other ser­vices (it does, how­ever, of­fer mul­ti­ple lists and the abil­ity to as­sign dates and times). Wun­derlist has just enough fea­tures to make it our favoured op­tion for per­sonal task list keep­ing, though Any.do runs it a very close sec­ond. At its heart both are very sim­ple but we’re fans. N at­u­rally the end game for Wun­derlist and Any.do is to sign you up as a Pro mem­ber (the key ex­tra fea­tures in Wun­derlist are adding files to your to-dos, un­lim­ited shar­ing and un­lim­ited sub­tasks). 2Do and Things are a step up. Things in par­tic­u­lar is based around projects, with the abil­ity to hold pend­ing tasks in an in­box and mark some as ‘some­day’ tasks, pre­sum­ably those things you never get round to. You’re also able to add tags, too.

Om­niFo­cus is the most fully fea­tured, but it’s way too com­plex if all you want to do is man­age your per­sonal stuff. In our minds it’s def­i­nitely for work, not play.

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