One man, two routers

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My house has thick walls, so I in­stalled a Cat 5e ca­ble from my D-Link router to a BT Home Hub to get Wi-Fi ac­cess at the other end of the house. I dis­abled DHCP on the Home Hub so that only the D-Link deals with that, and I gave both the same SSID and pass­word.

I get full sig­nal strength and speed wher­ever I am, once con­nected, but it can take a few min­utes for my An­droid phone and iPad to connect if I move be­tween the vicin­ity of the two routers. What could cause this? It’s as if there’s a con­flict or con­fu­sion from the dif­fer­ent routers’ broad­casts even though the SSIDs are the same. Both are set to chan­nel 11, not auto, based on ad­vice from my ISP, and auto-connect to known net­works is en­abled on my de­vices. Moel­wyn Hop­kins This hap­pens pre­cisely be­cause you have two routers set to broad­cast us­ing the same SSID. When your de­vices move from one side of the house to the other there is a cross­over zone where both net­works are in range and each router fights for the net­work packets. In­stead, give the Home Hub its own SSID, and move it to a wire­less chan­nel at least 2 away from the D-Link router, what­ever your ISP says. That should work much bet­ter.

Man­u­ally set­ting your router’s Wi-Fi chan­nel can re­duce in­ter­fer­ence from other ac­cess points.

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