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In is­sue 283 of MacFor­mat there was a let­ter about prob­lems send­ing images as at­tach­ments in Mail. Up to and in­clud­ing Mav­er­icks, I used At­tach­ment Tamer which worked bril­liantly to send images. How­ever it has not been up­dated for Yosemite. Do you know of any­thing equiv­a­lent rather than go­ing into Ter­mi­nal? Francesca Shearcroft I’m un­sure ex­actly how Ter­mi­nal would help you in any case. For email­ing images, At­tach­ment Tamer seems mainly to be a way of forc­ing images to at­tach as icons, rather than be­ing em­bed­ded di­rectly in the HTML of the email it­self. You can force this be­hav­iour your­self by com­press­ing the images first. Just se­lect any num­ber of images in Finder, right-click one of them and then choose Com­press. This will cre­ate an ar­chive of those images, and if you drag that into your email it will at­tach as a file, not an in­line im­age. Un­pack­ing at the other end is just a case of dou­ble-click­ing the at­tach­ment.

If you’ve al­ready been an­noyed enough by the de­fault be­hav­iour of Mail to in­stall At­tach­ment Tamer, it’s un­likely that this man­ual work­around will be sat­is­fac­tory for you. I sug­gest you try the Anti In­line Plugin at http://bit.ly/mf_an­ti­in­line. Its au­thor isn’t a reg­is­tered Ap­ple de­vel­oper, so OS X will show a warn­ing when you first try to open it. You can by­pass this by right-click­ing the in­staller and choos­ing Open, and click Open in the dialog that ap­pears.

The other catch is that this will ini­tially ap­pear not to work be­cause Mail tries to be ex­tra clever and even when it re­ceives images and PDFs as at­tach­ments, it will still try to dis­play them in­line when­ever it can. The plug-in isn’t de­signed to pre­vent this. What it does is for­mat your emails so that images are sent as at­tach­ments. When a re­cip­i­ent opens your mes­sage, they should see the images as icons, not in­line images.

Force im­age at­tach­ments not to dis­play in­line by right-click­ing one and choos­ing View as Icon.

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