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My con­tact list ap­pears in my ac­count and in my part­ners’ ac­count on our iMac. Her con­tact list does not ap­pear on the iMac or in her iCloud ac­count. How can I re­solve this so that she can see her own con­tact list? She does have an iCloud ac­count. Anne King It sounds like all that’s hap­pened is your part­ner is signed into your iCloud ac­count on the iMac. To fix this, she should open Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > iCloud, click Sign Out at the bot­tom-left and sign in with her own iCloud ac­count. Her con­tacts should now ap­pear cor­rectly.

If your Mac has sev­eral user ac­counts, make sure each one is signed into its owner’s iCloud ac­count if you want to see the cor­rect con­tacts and cal­en­dars.

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