Ap­ple Watch ex­plained

The Watch is the most per­sonal Ap­ple de­vice yet

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Stan­dard apps

Many of the built-in apps we’re familiar with on iPhone and iPad are also avail­able on the Watch. You can check your email, send iMes­sages, up­date your cal­en­dar, check the weather and con­trol your iPhone’s cam­era.

Health and fit­ness

Watch’s killer apps will re­late to health and fit­ness. Its ar­ray of sen­sors will al­low it to track all sorts of data, from how of­ten you stand up to how many calo­ries you burn, and how your heart rate changes.

In­stalling apps

Apps are added via an iPhone. You can re­ar­range them by tap­ping and hold­ing an icon and then drag­ging them into po­si­tion, just like you would on your iPhone.

Good vi­bra­tions

Watch vi­brates at dif­fer­ent speeds and vary­ing in­ten­sity, so the vi­bra­tions can be used to send mes­sages, such as the heart­beat of a loved one, an alert for an in­com­ing call, and in­struc­tions from a GPS app.

Sen­sors for health

There are four lenses on the back of the Watch – two for white light and two for infrared. They’re used to sense the flow of blood on your wrist to iden­tify your pulse rate. Watch’s charger snaps onto the back, MagSafe-style, giv­ing up to 18 hours’ use.

Mak­ing calls

Watch has a speaker and a mi­cro­phone, so if you’ve al­ways fan­cied your­self as Dick Tracy, you can now make and re­ceive phone calls from your wrist. Whether any­one will ac­tu­ally use it that way re­mains to be seen.

Be­neath the crown

Press­ing the big but­ton be­low the Dig­i­tal Crown calls up icons of the peo­ple you com­mu­ni­cate with most of­ten. From there you can send a text mes­sage or a drawing, or tap out a sig­nal, which the per­son will re­ceive as a vi­bra­tion.

The Dig­i­tal Crown

Press­ing the Dig­i­tal Crown on the side of a Watch dis­plays its Home screen, much like an iPhone’s Home but­ton. Ro­tat­ing the crown zooms in and out on what you’re view­ing – the Watch’s al­ter­na­tive to pinch to zoom.

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