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Ar­chive disk images

Choose the Down­loads folder in Hazel and click ‘+’ in the Rules pane. Name your rule, set ‘If’ to ‘all’ and set the con­di­tion to ‘Ex­ten­sion is dmg’. Add a con­di­tion and set it to ‘date added is not in the last 1 week’. Set the ac­tion to ‘Move to folder' and pick a folder for your disk images.


File bank state­ments

Keep down­loaded PDF bank state­ments tidy by mak­ing a rule for the Down­loads folder with con­di­tions that match your bank’s URL as the source and files whose kind is PDF. Tell Hazel to move matches to a folder. If file­names in­clude dates, you might use that to file in sub­fold­ers.


Im­port mu­sic to iTunes

If you down­load mu­sic from blogs or other web­sites, Hazel can add it to iTunes. Cre­ate a Down­loads folder rule with ‘Kind is Mu­sic’ as the con­di­tion and ‘Im­port into iTunes’ as the ac­tion. Op­tion­ally, pick a playlist. Sim­i­larly, you can add pho­tos to iPhoto or Aper­ture.


Match files by con­tent

Hazel can match file con­tents too. So, to re­name bank state­ments by date is­sued (not a file’s cre­ation date), set a con­di­tion that checks ‘Con­tents’, ‘con­tain match’ and ‘cus­tom date’. Add day, month and year sep­a­rated with slashes (/). Also add a con­tent match for your bank’s name.


Re­name files

Set the rule’s first ac­tion to Re­name, click in the ‘with pat­tern’ box and choose the date pat­tern you cre­ated in step 4. Type a dash, your bank’s name and ‘state­ment’. Op­tion­ally, move the file to a folder. Now down­loaded state­ments will be re­named to in­clude their date of is­sue.


Share Screen Shots

Cre­ate a Drop­box folder and share it with some­one. In a new rule, set a con­di­tion that ‘name con­tains’ and type ‘Screen Shot’. Add an­other con­di­tion, set it to ‘Kind’, se­lect ‘Other’ and then ’Por­ta­ble Net­work Graphic’. Set the ac­tion to ‘Move’ and choose the shared folder.

7 Ar­chive old, un­used files Get files you might never open again off your Mac and store them else­where. In a new rule, set a con­di­tion that checks ‘Date Last Opened’ and ‘Is be­fore’. Spec­ify a date or se­lect a du­ra­tion such as ‘This Month’. Set the ac­tion to move matches to an ex­ter­nal or net­work drive.

8 Flag over­due in­voices Put your in­voices in a folder named ‘Sent’ as you send them. Set up a rule on that folder with a con­di­tion of ‘Date Added’ and ‘is not in the last’, then choose a time frame. Set the rule’s ac­tions to ‘Set colour la­bel’ to red and to ‘Sort into sub­folder‘ with the name ‘Over­due’.

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