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In­stall Self­Con­trol

If you find it dif­fi­cult to dis­ci­pline your­self through the work­ing day, del­e­gate re­spon­si­bil­ity to Self­Con­trol, which blocks spe­cific sites or to­tal in­ter­net ac­cess. If you’re run­ning OS X 10.7 or later, get the lat­est ver­sion from self­con­tro­ – for OS X 10.5 or 10.6, down­load the pre­vi­ous edi­tion us­ing the link be­low the main down­load but­ton. Un­pack and launch it.


Build blocks

Click Edit Black­list, then the ‘+’ on the bot­tom of the float­ing panel, and add the name of the first site you want to block. Re­peat this for ev­ery site that dis­tracts you when you should be work­ing. To block all in­ter­net ac­cess, in­clud­ing email, add ‘*’. Bear in mind that some apps use less ob­vi­ous do­mains, so while Twit­ter is at twit­, you may also need to add app.twit­


Start block­ing

Use the slider to spec­ify how long – be­tween 15 min­utes and one day – ac­cess to your listed sites should be blocked. When you’re ready to start work­ing, click Start, en­ter your ad­min­is­tra­tor pass­word, and the lock will be in place un­til it ex­pires. Re­boot­ing won’t get around the block, and nei­ther will unin­stalling Self­Con­trol, so just sit straight and start work­ing.

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