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Cre­ate a new mes­sage

Open Mail and cre­ate a new mes­sage. Markup works on images and PDFs, so drag a file of ei­ther kind into the mes­sage win­dow. Re­mem­ber there’s an im­age size con­trol at the top-right cor­ner, which you should set to Ac­tual Size if you’re go­ing to mark up the doc­u­ment.


Open the Markup tool

Place the pointer over an at­tached PDF or im­age and a box con­tain­ing an ar­row ap­pears at the at­tach­ment’s top-right cor­ner. Click it and choose Markup to open the Markup tool. (The More item takes you to OS X’s Ex­ten­sions pref­er­ences, where you can dis­able Markup.)

3 Sketch some­thing Se­lect the Sketch tool from the far-left of the tool­bar to sketch free­hand. If Mail de­tects you’re try­ing to draw a par­tic­u­lar shape it will auto-cor­rect your sketch. In the pal­ette that ap­pears at the top-left cor­ner af­ter you draw some­thing is an op­tion to use your ex­act sketch.

4 Add some text Add text by click­ing the ‘T’ in the tool­bar, and set its prop­er­ties us­ing the Text Style tool (the ‘A’ in the tool­bar). Set the text’s colour with that tool, and set its back­ground fill and bor­der with the two tools to the left of it. Move markup by click­ing on it and then drag­ging on its box.

5 Add your sig­na­ture You can sign doc­u­ments dig­i­tally us­ing Markup. Click the Sign tool (fourth from the left in the tool­bar) and choose whether to sign us­ing your track­pad or by hold­ing up a pa­per copy of your sig­na­ture for your Mac’s cam­era to scan and im­port into the doc­u­ment.

6 Sign your name Here we’re us­ing the track­pad op­tion. Use your fin­ger to write your sig­na­ture across the track­pad. When fin­ished, tap any key to save the sig­na­ture. Press Clear to start over, or press Done and then choose the sig­na­ture from the Sign tool’s menu to in­sert it as an an­no­ta­tion.

7 Add large at­tach­ments To use Mail Drop, en­sure you’re signed into iCloud in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences and, in Mail, go to Pref­er­ences > Ac­counts > Ad­vanced. Check the Mail Drop op­tion. It won’t count against your iCloud stor­age (handy if space is low) and should work with any email provider.

8 Send a huge mes­sage When you add at­tach­ments to a mes­sage Mail sum­marises the mes­sage’s to­tal size. If this goes be­yond about 20MB, Mail will use Mail Drop to send at­tach­ments to Ap­ple’s servers. If the other per­son has OS X Yosemite, the at­tach­ments will down­load au­to­mat­i­cally.

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