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I am re­ally bored with Ap­ple Watch al­ready. Talk about ram­ming it down your throat! Now I have to put up with the app be­ing forced onto my iPhone 6 in iOS 8.2. It was bad enough with U2’s un­called for load­ing of their al­bum – it’s not that I don’t like U2, it’s just the way Ap­ple take an au­to­cratic Big Brother stance that they seem to know bet­ter! I don’t use Stocks, Game Cen­ter or Health and I will never buy an Ap­ple Watch! So come on, Ap­ple, give us the choice of re­mov­ing this ‘bloat­ware’. Mike Kelly Chris­tian Hall says… The U2 deal seems to have back­fired and Ap­ple did in­tro­duce a way to re­move the al­bum, even­tu­ally. You can’t blame Ap­ple for want­ing to add the Watch app to its de­fault line-up for iPhone 5 and up though. If you don’t like the app you can al­ways hide it in a folder. In fact, a lot of peo­ple make an ‘Ap­ple’ folder that you pile apps like Stocks and Health into. Your Home screen is there for you to per­son­alise af­ter all. We do think Ap­ple could have made a nicer Watch app icon though! Also, the Watch won’t be for ev­ery­one but Ap­ple has a great record of si­lenc­ing the de­trac­tors.

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