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Some things to note if you’re mi­grat­ing from iPhoto or Aper­ture

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If you’ve al­ready amassed a li­brary of pho­tos in ei­ther iPhoto or Aper­ture, Pho­tos can im­port its con­tents. For most peo­ple this is a straight­for­ward process. If you have just one li­brary on your Mac, you only need to open Pho­tos and click Get Started. The app will copy the con­tents of the ex­ist­ing li­brary into a new one that’s used only by the Pho­tos app, and the old one will re­main so that you can con­tinue to use iPhoto or Aper­ture. (That said, mak­ing a backup first is wise, in case you run into an un­ex­pected prob­lem.)

When you click Get Started, Pho­tos might com­plain that per­mis­sions on your li­brary need to be re­paired be­fore it can be im­ported. To fix this, make sure the old app isn’t open, hold å+ç and then open that app to dis­play its main­te­nance op­tions. Run the op­tion that re­pairs per­mis­sions, then close the app and try again in Pho­tos.

If Pho­tos de­tects that there’s more than one iPhoto or Aper­ture li­brary on your Mac, it will ask which you want to im­port. Af­ter­wards, Pho­tos’ File > Im­port op­tion doesn’t im­port or merge an­other li­brary (it is for im­port­ing files stored loose on a disk into the cur­rent li­brary). Pho­tos pro­vides no way to merge the con­tents of two li­braries (at least not with­out an iCloud trick).

Just like iPhoto and Aper­ture, you can cre­ate and switch be­tween sev­eral li­braries in Pho­tos. To im­port a sec­ond li­brary into Pho­tos, close the app, hold å and re­open it to dis­play a list of other de­tected li­braries, along with op­tions to browse for one that isn’t shown and to cre­ate an empty li­brary. Choose an­other li­brary to im­port and a new copy for use with Pho­tos will be cre­ated along­side the orig­i­nal ver­sion.

Pho­tos uses a fea­ture of the UNIX sys­tem on which OS X is built to en­able its li­brary, and iPhoto’s, to point to the same data with­out stor­ing it twice. OS X counts ref­er­ences to that data, and your iPhoto li­brary can be trashed with­out re­mov­ing the data it and Pho­tos share.

Star rat­ings and flags are con­verted into key­words, which can be in­spected by a Smart Al­bum’s rules

If you’ve ever used the op­tion to store pho­tos out­side of the li­brary pack­age (pos­si­ble in both iPhoto and Aper­ture), those mas­ter files will re­main where they are and be ref­er­enced from your old and new li­braries. Ref­er­enced files have a con­se­quence for iCloud Photo Li­brary – they won’t be up­loaded to it. Find out on page 48 about this fea­ture and how to over­come this lim­i­ta­tion.

You can mi­grate as many iPhoto and Aper­ture li­braries as you want, and one will be des­ig­nated as the Sys­tem Photo Li­brary. Only this one’s con­tents are kept in sync with iCloud Photo Li­brary, and ap­pear in the Me­dia Browser in other apps, in­clud­ing Pages and iMovie.

Ear­lier, we men­tioned a tech­nique for merg­ing li­braries. In the dialog that ap­pears when you open Pho­tos with å held, the Sys­tem Photo Li­brary is de­noted. Open a dif­fer­ent one, choose Pho­tos > Pref­er­ences > Gen­eral, turn on ‘Use as Sys­tem Photo Li­brary’ and, in the iCloud tab, turn on iCloud Photo Li­brary. The li­brary’s con­tents will be merged in iCloud with what­ever has pre­vi­ously been up­loaded. This can­not be un­done.

Pho­tos will warn you if your iCloud stor­age is in­suf­fi­cient for all of your pho­tos. If you don’t want to pay for more, or the max­i­mum tier of 1TB isn’t enough, fol­low Ap­ple’s sug­ges­tions at sup­port.ap­

iPhoto and Aper­ture en­able you to de­note the rel­a­tive worth of a photo by as­sign­ing a star rat­ing out of five, and to flag a photo as a re­minder to do some­thing with it. Pho­tos doesn’t have such gran­u­lar op­tions. In­stead, you can sim­ply mark a photo as a favourite. How­ever, your rat­ings and flags aren’t lost when mov­ing to Pho­tos. Ap­ple’s so­lu­tion is to con­vert th­ese at­tributes into key­words, which you can look up from the search bar and in the cri­te­ria of a Smart Al­bum.

iPhoto Events are con­verted into al­bums and placed in a folder called iPhoto Events in the Al­bums view.

If you use iPhoto 7 or lower, run its li­brary through iPhoto Li­brary Up­grader (sup­port. ap­

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