Us­ing iCloud Photo Li­brary

Dis­cover how your pho­tos are stored on­line and synced to your de­vices

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iCloud Photo Li­brary is Ap­ple’s new method for mak­ing all your pho­tos avail­able on all of your de­vices, no mat­ter what cam­era they’re taken with or which de­vice’s photo li­brary you im­port them into. To use it, your Mac must have Yosemite and your iOS de­vices must be run­ning iOS 8.

In Pho­tos’ pref­er­ences, click iCloud and check the iCloud Photo Li­brary box. It starts up­load­ing pho­tos from its li­brary to iCloud. This can take a while, so if you need band­width to, say, more re­li­ably stream on­line video, re­turn here and click the ‘Pause for one day’ but­ton. (That but­ton‘s be­hav­iour then changes to en­able you to man­u­ally re­sume photo up­loads with­out wait­ing.)

En­able iCloud Photo Li­brary in iOS 8 in Set­tings > iCloud > Pho­tos. While con­nected to Wi-Fi, your iOS de­vice will upload the pho­tos it con­tains.

Both OS X and iOS of­fer a choice of whether pho­tos are down­loaded at full qual­ity or as smaller ver­sions op­ti­mised for the de­vice you’re us­ing. Bear in mind that you’ll need plenty of iCloud stor­age for all of your pho­tos, and that it’s also used to store email, back­ups and more.

In Pho­tos’ pref­er­ences, un­der Gen­eral, is an op­tion that de­ter­mines whether im­age files you drag into the app are copied into the app’s monolithic li­brary file. If you turn this off, dragged pho­tos are ref­er­enced in their cur­rent lo­ca­tion. This gives some free­dom to or­gan­ise the orig­i­nals, but has a sig­nif­i­cant draw­back: ref­er­enced pho­tos aren’t up­loaded to iCloud Photo Li­brary. To de­ter­mine if your li­brary links to any pho­tos in this way, switch to the Pho­tos view and press ç+A to se­lect ev­ery­thing. Next, choose File > Con­sol­i­date. If ev­ery­thing is stored in­side the li­brary, the app will con­firm. Oth­er­wise, you’ll be warned first that the process can’t be un­done.

Note that iCloud Photo Shar­ing is a sep­a­rate fea­ture with a dif­fer­ent pur­pose – to share pho­tos with other peo­ple and, op­tion­ally, com­ment on them. See op­po­site to learn more.

With iCloud Photo Li­brary en­abled, pho­tos taken with your iPhone are au­to­mat­i­cally added to your Mac.

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