When is a backup, not a backup?

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Q I bought a La­Cie D2 Quadra hard drive in 2007, for use with Time Ma­chine. There have been no prob­lems un­til a cou­ple of weeks ago when the icon was sud­denly not vis­i­ble on my desk­top. I’ve restarted the iMac, switched off the La­Cie drive, un­plugged it and restarted it, chang­ing from FireWire to USB, try­ing it with an­other iMac – noth­ing. The drive doesn’t show up in Disk Util­ity. La­Cie has of­fered to at­tempt a data re­cov­ery but it’s ex­pen­sive. Do you know how I might re­trieve some items from Time Ma­chine which I can no longer find on the iMac? Harry Kessler A Does the front panel LED come on? This could be a fault with the USB en­clo­sure, rather than the drive it­self. As you’ve noth­ing to lose, I sug­gest you crack open the case, ex­tract the bare drive and plug it into an­other USB 3.0 en­clo­sure (un­der £20 on Ama­zon). There’s a 50:50 chance this will mag­i­cally re­unite you with your backup data. But if it doesn’t, I’m afraid the drive is junk. Time Ma­chine should be for back­ups only. If it con­tains data you don’t have any­where else, it’s an ar­chive and you need a backup for Time Ma­chine as well.

If you use your Time Ma­chine disk to ar­chive im­por­tant data, you should keep a sep­a­rate backup as well.

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