Did the se­cu­rity up­date kill my email?

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Both my iMac and Mac­Book Pro run­ning Yosemite 10.10.2 aren’t re­ceiv­ing all my emails, although my iPad and Win­dows PC are. When I open Mail it can be hours be­fore emails ar­rive, then all in one slug. I get the tri­an­gle with ex­cla­ma­tion mark ap­pear­ing, sug­gest­ing I’m dis­con­nected from the in­ter­net, and the un­read emails num­ber show­ing although I’ve read ev­ery email on the screen. Now, two days af­ter this started, the Mac­Book Pro is not re­ceiv­ing any emails at all. This all started af­ter I re­ceived Se­cu­rity Up­date 2015-002 Ver­sion 1.0. Jeremy Tay­lor I don’t have enough data points yet to be sure whether this was caused by the se­cu­rity up­date, but I agree it’s a Yosemite bug. Ap­ple does too, be­cause it posted a sup­port page in en­ti­tled “Mail (Yosemite): If you can’t re­ceive mes­sages”. It’s a list of the ob­vi­ous first things to try, like check­ing pass­words and mak­ing sure you aren’t in the mid­dle of down­load­ing a huge at­tach­ment. This is what Ap­ple does when it has a rare bug de­vel­op­ers can’t re­pro­duce. The page is de­signed to fil­ter out things that could cause the same symptoms, in the hope peo­ple who sub­mit a bug at ap­ple.com/ feed­back/mail.html, can pro­vide hard data.

Send­ing feed­back to Ap­ple when­ever you en­counter a bug will help vote that par­tic­u­lar prob­lem to the top of the queue for fix­ing.

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