Can I just get rid of the app?

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What is the pur­pose of the Nike + iPod set­ting on my iPhone? Does it only work if I have a pe­dome­ter? I have no in­ten­tion of sud­denly tak­ing up run­ning and I’d like to clear some space. Can I get rid of it? Tim South­ern

Yes, it only does any­thing if you have the Nike + sen­sor kit to mea­sure your strides. It’s only bun­dled with the iPhone and iPod, not the iPad (who goes jog­ging with an iPad?). But it’s a core app, so you can’t re­move it. If you swipe the Nike + iPod set­ting off in Set­tings, the cor­re­spond­ing app will dis­ap­pear from your home screen. But this doesn’t ac­tu­ally save you any stor­age space be­cause the app is still there – it just doesn’t show its icon. There’s no way to ac­tu­ally unin­stall it al­to­gether.

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