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Most Macs have a mic, but none of them yet have a dig­i­tal as­sis­tant, and it’s time for that to change

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Like Maps, Siri gets a bit of a bad rep on iOS, mostly from peo­ple who used the fea­ture when it first ap­peared, de­cided (with some jus­ti­fi­ca­tion) that it was a bit rub­bish, and haven’t tried it since. To­day, Siri’s still a long way from an ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence, but can nonethe­less quite grace­fully per­form cer­tain tasks and grab bits of info, thereby sav­ing you time and en­ergy.

The Mac’s al­ways been quite good at talk­ing and lis­ten­ing, even if most of the op­tions for do­ing so are buried in its Ac­ces­si­bil­ity pref­er­ences, but it’s never had any­thing quite like Siri. You can dic­tate to your Mac, and even con­trol the en­tire thing with your voice, but ask it what the weather’s go­ing to be like on Wed­nes­day or how QPR did at the week­end, and your Mac re­sponds much as a Labrador might if you asked it to sing an aria.

But with Ap­ple push­ing Con­ti­nu­ity and en­sur­ing con­cepts work across its range of kit, Siri is surely a must for an up­com­ing re­vi­sion of OS X. That said, if it does ap­pear, we hope it’s blessed with a lit­tle in­tel­li­gence re­gard­ing the de­vice you’re cur­rently us­ing. The last thing we need is to say “Hey, Siri!” and have mul­ti­ple Siris shout­ing all over each-other.

When Siri does show up

for Mac, we can ask it: “What took you so long?”

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