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What is it? The Flic is a small but­ton that can be pro­grammed to do just about any func­tion your phone can. Place it any­where you like and you can quickly call friends, take a pic­ture, play mu­sic and more. When’s it due? Com­ing in May 2015. Why are we ex­cited? There’s a huge range of pos­si­bil­i­ties with the Flic. If you have a smart light­ing sys­tem, the Flic can act as a light switch that you can place any­where in your house. The beauty lies in its flex­i­bil­ity – pretty much any­thing your phone can do, the Flic can do too. Its abil­ity to stream­line long or com­pli­cated pro­cesses on your phone means that you should end up spend­ing less time fum­bling with your de­vice and more time get­ting stuff done.

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