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1 Add key­words

Key­words can be added to a photo by two meth­ods. The first is to choose Win­dow > Info. In the win­dow that ap­pears, you can type key­words or phrases. Press ® af­ter each one. You’ll be of­fered sug­ges­tions from pre­vi­ous­lyused key­words as you type.

2 The Key­word Manager

Choose Win­dow > Key­word Manager to see all key­words you’ve used. Click one to ap­ply it to the pho­tos you’ve se­lected, or re­move it if al­ready ap­plied. Click Edit Key­words to cre­ate or de­stroy key­words (the lat­ter clear­ing them from pho­tos, too) and to as­sign key­board short­cuts.

3 Share pho­tos on iCloud

You can share pho­tos with other peo­ple us­ing al­bums hosted on iCloud. Se­lect some, choose File > Share > iCloud Photo Shar­ing, and click New Shared Al­bum. Name it and en­ter names or ad­dresses of con­tacts to share it with, and then Cre­ate to send the in­vi­ta­tion.

4 Sub­scribe to an al­bum

When some­one shares an al­bum with you, you’ll be alerted by email and what­ever meth­ods you’ve con­fig­ured for Pho­tos in the No­ti­fi­ca­tions pane in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences. Open the app, click Shared and dou­ble-click Ac­tiv­ity to see op­tions to ac­cept or re­ject the in­vi­ta­tion.

5 Shared al­bum set­tings

Dou­ble-click an al­bum in the Shared view to open it. At its top-right is an op­tion to add to it, and a but­ton with a sil­hou­ette of a per­son. Click the lat­ter to check who can view the al­bum, who can add to it, and whether you get no­ti­fi­ca­tions for new items and com­ments.

6 Im­port shared pho­tos

To keep a copy of shared pho­tos (in case the owner re­moves them from the shared al­bum), se­lect them, right-click on one of them and then choose Im­port. Note that if you try to edit a shared photo, you’ll be of­fered the op­tion to im­port it to make that pos­si­ble.

7 Hide pho­tos

A photo can be hid­den from the Pho­tos view by right-click­ing it and choos­ing Hide. (It will re­main vis­i­ble in al­bums to which it has been added.) To un­hide a photo, choose View > Show Hid­den Pho­tos Al­bum, browse to that al­bum, right-click a photo and choose Un­hide.

8 Delete pho­tos

When you right-click a photo and choose Delete, it is hid­den on all of your de­vices. For a short time, it can be re­cov­ered by choos­ing File > Show Re­cently Deleted. Click pho­tos you want to keep, then Re­cover, or click the Delete but­ton to prop­erly get rid of them right away.

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