Quick-start your Mac

Mac Format - - POWER UP YOSEMITE! -

1 Dis­able Lo­gin items

Open Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Users & Groups > Lo­gin Items to re­veal a list of items that open when you log in. The more items, the slower your startup process will be. You might no longer be us­ing some of th­ese items. Clear­ing the check­box doesn't stop the item from load­ing. In­stead, se­lect an un­wanted item and click the ‘–’ but­ton.

2 Don’t re­open win­dows

Choose > Shut Down and de­s­e­lect the ‘Re­open win­dows when log­ging back in’ op­tion. This pre­vents OS X wast­ing valu­able time open­ing un­wanted apps and win­dows. Click Cancel if you’re not ready to stop your Mac just yet; the op­tion stays de­s­e­lected un­til you re-en­able it.

3 Fast user switch­ing

This fea­ture is handy in that one per­son can quickly do some­thing in their ac­count with­out dis­rupt­ing an­other’s workspace, but it’s best if ac­counts aren’t left logged in on a Mac with limited sys­tem re­sources. It can be en­tirely dis­abled un­der Lo­gin Op­tions in the Users & Groups pane.

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