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From $35 (about £23) get­infini­ What is it? With the ar­rival of the new Mac­Book’s mul­ti­pur­pose USB-C port there will be fewer ports avail­able for your many gad­gets. But, thank­fully, the In­finiteUSB-C has ar­rived on the scene. Each In­finiteUSB-C can stack into an­other one, al­low­ing you to charge or sync mul­ti­ple de­vices just like you did be­fore. When’s it due? Any time now. Why are we ex­cited? It’s cer­tainly an in­ge­nious way around a prob­lem we’re all go­ing to have to get used to. Stack as many In­finiteUSB-C charg­ers as you like and you’ll get the func­tion­al­ity of the old along­side the porta­bil­ity of the new.

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