Power-up win­dow con­trols

Use Moom to eas­ily con­trol win­dows with key­board and cur­sor

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Use Moom to eas­ily con­trol win­dows us­ing key­board and cur­sor

Ap­ple likes to keep things sim­ple where win­dow con­trols are con­cerned, which is why you don’t get very many of them. You can min­imise a win­dow to the Dock by click­ing the yel­low but­ton or by us­ing the key­board short­cut ç+M. In Yosemite, you can switch to full-screen mode with the green but­ton, or (usu­ally) press ≈+ç+F. Be­yond this, you’re on your own. Which is per­haps fine if you live in full-screen mode, but not if you spend far too much time at­tempt­ing to man­age a mess of win­dows on your screen.

Moom ($10 – about £6, many tricks.com) pow­ers up win­dow man­age­ment on the Mac. In many ways it’s overkill, with an al­most ab­surd num­ber of op­tions. But that’s part of why we like it: no mat­ter how you want to con­trol your win­dows, there are set­tings that feel tai­lor-made for you.

In this walk­through, you’ll learn how to use the pointer to quickly snap win­dows to edges of the screen or to match se­lected seg­ments on a grid. You’ll also dis­cover how Moom en­ables gran­u­lar win­dow con­trol with­out tak­ing your fin­gers off the key­board.

The trial ver­sion is good for 100 uses, and we highly rec­om­mend try­ing it. Craig Gran­nell

No mat­ter how you want to con­trol win­dows, Moom has set­tings that feel tai­lor-made

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