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I know that the use of colour at­tracts at­ten­tion, but it can de­tract from read­abil­ity. Us­ing white print on a yel­low back­ground as you did in MacFor­mat 286, start­ing on page 36, makes the ar­ti­cle al­most im­pos­si­ble to read. I may be aging, but I still have rea­son­ably good eye­sight. I also find it dif­fi­cult to read the an­swers to reader’s ques­tions. The let­ters are printed in heavy, dark let­ters mak­ing them very easy to read. The an­swers which fol­low are in a smaller lighter print which is dif­fi­cult to read. Fran Mit­terer

Paul Blach­ford says… Thank you for let­ting us know this is an is­sue. We’ve taken in your feed­back and hope you’ll no­tice a dif­fer­ence al­ready in fea­tures such as our Ap­ple Watch tips this is­sue, where we’ve di­alled down the use of coloured boxes be­hind text to give bet­ter con­trast. That’s not the end of it, though; we have much big­ger plans to en­hance the read­abil­ity of our print and iPad edi­tions later in the year. As ever, send any de­sign queries to us.

You’ll need some­thing in ad­di­tion to Ap­ple’s Pho­tos app if your shots lack lo­ca­tion data.

We like to make things bright, but if the text has be­come harder to read we’ll cer­tainly tone down the pal­ette in fu­ture fea­tures.

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