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First off, I love your mag­a­zine and buy in Hol­land and some­times in UK

air­ports as I travel reg­u­larly. Hence, I or­dered an Ap­ple Watch to go with my iOS de­vices. So far, I am find­ing that I have taken to the Watch and find the no­ti­fi­ca­tions use­ful, but my wife wants to bor­row it for fit­ness. How do I back up the Watch and en­sure that none of the data gets con­fused be­tween our iTunes ac­counts (Ap­ple IDs). Is there an easy way to swap the Ap­ple Watch be­tween us? Gijs Molenaar

Chris­tian Hall says Pre­sum­ing you both have com­pat­i­ble iPhones (5 and up), it’s very sim­ple to share just one Watch – although the prac­ti­cal­i­ties of that are rather prob­lem­atic. Re­mem­ber that the Watch is an ex­ten­sion of your iPhone; your iPhone is used to up­date, man­age the apps and push data. When you back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, your iPhone backup will also in­clude your Ap­ple Watch data. Un­pair the Watch in the Ap­ple Watch app on your iPhone (Ap­ple Watch > Un­pair Ap­ple Watch) and a backup will be cre­ated there and then. Ev­ery­thing’s backed up apart from your pass­code, playlists synced to your Ap­ple Watch, Work­out and Ac­tiv­ity cal­i­bra­tion data, and Ap­ple Pay card de­tails (but that’s not in the UK yet). When you want to wipe the Watch, go to its Set­tings app then Gen­eral > Re­set > Erase All Con­tent and Set­tings.

When you un­pair an Ap­ple Watch from your iPhone, it will cre­ate a backup so you can quite eas­ily share or up­grade the Watch.

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