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I have just pur­chased the 42mm Ap­ple Watch Sport. I was not ex­pect­ing the quite se­vere loss of bat­tery as I have now ex­pe­ri­enced. When the Watch ar­rived, I left it as orig­i­nally set up, as a de­fault set­ting. Within only a few

hours, I was notic­ing the red bat­tery sym­bol ap­pear­ing when­ever I looked at it. I ac­cept that I played around with it, de­light­ing in re­ceiv­ing mes­sages, texts and so on.

I then read your ar­ti­cle about sav­ing bat­tery power, and used my iPhone to knock off all but the watch face. I have now taken to leav­ing it charg­ing, and not wear­ing it at all dur­ing the day, only putting it on when I go out for the evening. Not some­thing I had ex­pected, and ef­fec­tively de­feat­ing the rai­son d’être of buy­ing it! Peter Gray

Chris­tian Hall says It looks like you got con­fused over the Watch’s sym­bols, which is eas­ily done as they are so small! Here’s Ap­ple’s com­plete list of them (see page 7) ap­ple. co/1FJiCKw. The small red ob­long with a cross through it, that ap­pears at the top of the Watch, means that it has dis­con­nected from your iPhone; that is, it’s out of Blue­tooth range. Bat­tery per­cent­age is not on-screen by de­fault (though you get low warn­ings). You can add it as one of the com­pli­ca­tions on a Watch face when you cus­tomise it though. See our Ap­ple Watch tips on page 70.

They are very small, but those lit­tle icons at the top of the watch face are very im­por­tant!

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