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I would like to dip my re­tired toes in the murky wa­ters of iPad app devel­op­ment. I have a two-year-old Mac mini. Will this give me good enough per­for­mance for pro­gram­ming with Xcode? Are there any (cheap) up­grades I should con­sider? Mark Naughton

The Mac mini is fine for learn­ing to pro­gram and will run Xcode with­out any prob­lems. I do a lot of my pro­gram­ming on one. The cheap­est 2012 mini is slightly faster than its 2014 re­place­ment due to its 2.5GHz pro­ces­sor. 8GB RAM is a good idea and here the 2012 mini scores again be­cause it is eas­ily up­grade­able, un­like the newer model.

You can also re­place the hard disk with an SSD if you re­ally need to, but I don’t think you will. I rec­om­mend you just get stuck in and see first.

Don’t be put off by the Mac mini’s low price tag – it’s de­cent for app devel­op­ment.

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