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I use Ap­ple’s Mail app be­cause I like its us­abil­ity and sim­plic­ity. How­ever, when typing emails and us­ing an ‘i’ sin­gu­larly, the let­ter is al­ways typed in low­er­case. Mail fails to au­to­cor­rect the let­ter to up­per­case.

If you use Out­look on Mac or PC, it does this for you. I know it’s very mi­nor, but af­ter years of typing, train­ing your­self to hit ß+I seems alien and a back­wards step in speed and ef­fi­ciency. I have tried ad­vanced set­tings and con­tacted Ap­ple sup­port and they tell me it can’t be done. Neil White

No easy way, that’s for sure. You can’t use the au­to­matic sub­sti­tu­tion fea­ture in the Key­board pref­er­ences pane be­cause it re­quires at least two char­ac­ters in the text to be re­placed, and doesn’t al­low spa­ces.

En­abling ‘Cor­rect spell­ing au­to­mat­i­cally’ doesn’t seem to help be­cause it al­lows all sin­gle char­ac­ters to es­cape the spell check. And it’s no use edit­ing your lo­cal dic­tio­nary file be­cause this only con­tains a list of words that the spell checker should ig­nore, rather than words it should specif­i­cally try to cor­rect. The best free way I can come up with is to use Au­toma­tor to cre­ate a ser­vice that finds and re­places within Mail to swap ‘i ‘ with ‘I ‘, as­sign it a key­board short­cut and get into the habit of run­ning it be­fore you send ev­ery email. But this hardly seems any bet­ter than train­ing your­self to hold ß.

If you are will­ing to pay for this ca­pa­bil­ity, in more than just Mail, Typ­ina­tor (about £18, er­go­ pro­vides it.

You can use Au­toma­tor to cor­rect al­most any­thing, but be­ware of en­cour­ag­ing bad typing habits!

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