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My iPhone 5c was left in a bag of shop­ping in a car boot. I was called away for longer than I ex­pected. When I came back, a box of choc ices had melted and leaked all over the phone. I’ve cleaned off the worst of it and it still ba­si­cally works, but there is dried-on ice cream stuck in the charger port and the head­phone jack. Clean­ing with a damp cot­ton bud isn’t good enough and I’m wor­ried I will dam­age the elec­tron­ics. Is it time for an up­grade? Jim As­ton

If it’s just a ques­tion of re­mov­ing gunk from your phone’s crevices, you needn’t re­place it. You can safely wash your phone, pro­vided you use an elec­tri­cally in­su­lat­ing, non-cor­ro­sive sol­vent. There are or­ganic sol­vents made specif­i­cally for clean­ing elec­tron­ics, such as this one­jGEy (£16.80 per litre), which evap­o­rates safely in the air, leav­ing no residue be­hind.

It’s prob­a­bly best if you open the case be­fore im­mers­ing it in the sol­vent, be­cause it will make it eas­ier to dry (YouTube will show you how). But if ice cream is only in a few crevices, it’s fea­si­ble to just clean them with a tooth­brush dipped in the sol­vent, then leave it to dry for a few hours.

If your de­vice is bunged up with gunk but still work­ing, spe­cial sol­vents can clean it up.

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