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De­spite be­ing fairly new, Affin­ity Designer has al­ready proved to be a for­mi­da­ble com­peti­tor to other vec­tor il­lus­tra­tion soft­ware packages out there. At a frac­tion of the price of most, it’s an ideal piece of kit to cre­ate your master­piece with.

Over the course of this se­ries we will cre­ate a fish tank, pop­u­late it with fish, give them some home com­forts and even cre­ate a rather ap­petis­ing piece of bait.

In part one we will be learn­ing the ba­sics, as well as get­ting to grips with the lay­out. As this se­ries pro­gresses we will delve deeper into the tools, make use of the soft­ware’s great fea­tures and learn more about its dif­fer­ent per­sonas.

You’ll soon see that Affin­ity Designer has some truly amaz­ing fea­tures and is more than ca­pa­ble of cre­at­ing highly so­phis­ti­cated re­sults with real depth and de­tail. It gives you a great deal of con­trol over your art­work as you are al­ways able to go back and edit any­thing, and also has a very clever way of or­gan­is­ing and group­ing lay­ers.

Affin­ity has some amaz­ing fea­tures and cre­ates highly so­phis­ti­cated re­sults with depth and de­tail

De­spite pri­mar­ily be­ing a vec­tor edi­tor, it has many pixel tools and op­tions too, such as blend modes.

By the se­ries end you will have hope­fully mas­tered the soft­ware and, from the price to its mul­ti­tude of tools, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we have grown to. James Robin­son

Affin­ity is a great vec­tor tool but also ex­cels as a pseudo pixel edi­tor, with an ar­ray of ex­port op­tions.

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