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Pref­er­ences In Moom’s Mouse

1 pref­er­ences, turn on the op­tions in ‘Zoom But­ton Con­trols’ and ‘Snap to Edges and Cor­ners’ to work with the fea­tures we dis­cuss. Drag to snap With Snap to

2 Edges ac­tive, drag a win­dow to a screen edge or cor­ner to make it fit that half or quar­ter. Us­ing the menus, you can dis­able op­tions you don’t want to be ac­tive. Draw to re­size When the En­able

3 Move & Zoom grid is on, hover the pointer over a win­dow’s green but­ton, then drag on the grid to mark the area for the win­dow to fill. Snap op­tions Above the grid are

4 the snap op­tions, which make the win­dow fill the screen or snap to a half. Hold å for quar­ter-screen op­tions. Use the pop-up menu for cus­tom set­tings.

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