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The Ap­ple Watch is de­signed to be on your per­son dur­ing all wak­ing hours, so it makes sense for it to help you get around. Get the most out of go­ing from A to B.

41 Get there with Siri

The fastest way to get some­where is to ask Siri for di­rec­tions. You can ask Siri for di­rec­tions to con­tacts and lo­cal busi­nesses, or you can speak out an ad­dress.

42 Search your con­tacts

En­sure de­tails for con­tacts on your iPhone are all up-to-date, with home and work ad­dresses, for peo­ple close to you. Tap the Maps glance to open the app and then do a deep press to re­veal a Con­tacts but­ton that en­ables you to search for peo­ple’s de­tails from your Watch.

43 Siri go home

Make sure Siri can di­rect you to work and home. Open Con­tacts on your iPhone and make sure your home and work ad­dresses are filled out. Now tap Set­tings > Gen­eral > Siri > My Info and choose your card from the con­tacts list.

44 Use your iPhone to search

When you search for an ad­dress in Maps on your iPhone, it gets added to the Re­cents list, which can be viewed on your Watch. Open the Maps app on your Ap­ple Watch and per­form a deep press, tap Search and scroll down to find ad­dresses you’ve re­cently searched for.

45 Drop­ping pins

You can drop a pin on the map and get di­rec­tions to that lo­ca­tion. Tap and hold your fin­ger on the Watch‘s screen to drop the pin 46. Start the right way When you use the Maps app to get di­rec­tions it can be tricky to set off in the right di­rec­tion. Swipe left­wards be­fore start­ing to look at the map over­view. The ar­row will show the di­rec­tion in which you are head­ing. (not too hard or you’ll per­form a deep press). Tap the pin to se­lect it, then scroll down to find the but­tons to get driv­ing and walk­ing di­rec­tions. 47. Go­ing to themoon Tap the moon com­pli­ca­tion in the As­tron­omy watch face to view a map of the lu­nar sur­face. Ro­tat­ing the Dig­i­tal Crown shows the lu­nar phase for past and up­com­ing days.

48 Go­ing global

The Maps app only zooms out so far. If you are trav­el­ling in­ter­na­tion­ally you may pre­fer to use the As­tron­omy watch face, which dis­plays your po­si­tion as a blue dot on a globe.

49 Be­come a space ex­plorer

The As­tron­omy watch face can also be used to view your po­si­tion in the so­lar sys­tem. Ac­ti­vate and then switch to that face, then tap the so­lar sys­tem com­pli­ca­tion in its bot­tom-right cor­ner. This dis­plays the so­lar sys­tem with all the plan­ets cor­rectly aligned.

50 Show

your tick­ets

Don’t for­get to add tick­ets and loy­alty cards to Pass­book on your iPhone. Th­ese then ap­pear in the Pass­book app on your Watch. Scroll down a pass to re­veal its scannable bar­code.

One of the best uses for the Ap­ple Watch is as a nav­i­ga­tion aid. The Maps app with in­te­grated turn­based di­rec­tions works once you get used to it, but be sure to swipe and check to make sure you’re go­ing in the right di­rec­tion. Use Siri or drop pins to find lo­ca­tions, or favourite items on your iPhone and pick up the di­rec­tions on your Ap­ple Watch.

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