Touch con­trols

Are they func­tional or frus­trat­ing?

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The best-re­alised touch con­trols are found on the B&Os. Swip­ing for­ward/ back­ward on the H8’s outer sur­face switches tracks, up/down swipes con­trol ANC, a short press plays/ pauses tracks or an­swers a call, a long press re­jects, can­cels and ends calls, and a dou­ble press re­di­als. Lastly, a cir­cu­lar swip­ing ges­ture ad­justs vol­ume. The Zik works sim­i­larly but can be overly sen­si­tive, and too many con­trols are off‑loaded to the app for it to be con­ve­nient.

Sennheiser’s sin­gle touch panel is well-in­te­grated. Mean­while, Jabra’s click/swipe con­trols feel less dis­tin­guish­able and less sure on its smaller touch pads. Philips’ touch/ click con­trols are shared be­tween a rick­ety plas­tic ring on the right ear cup and the cup it­self, and are per­haps the least re­spon­sive, es­pe­cially when pair­ing and turn­ing on and off. Plantron­ics’ con­trols mean­while are le­gion: the outer plates click re­spon­sively when play­ing/paus­ing and tak­ing calls, with in­tu­itive ro­tary rings on both cups for vol­ume and track con­trol.

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