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£18.99 De­vel­oper Fish­labs, ds­fish­ Re­quires OS X 10.6.6 or higher

Mac Format - - APPLE WORLD -

Cult Ukrainian-made game Metro: Last Light Redux is a dark and pow­er­ful post-apoc­a­lyp­tic first-per­son shoot-’em-up – and it’s now avail­able for Mac.

The ma­jor­ity of the ac­tion takes place deep un­der­ground in the mu­tant-in­fested re­mains of the Rus­sian sub­way sys­tem. Sure enough, at first glance the game may seem a lit­tle like Call of Duty or Halo, but Metro’s own nu­ances makes the game se­ries the cult clas­sic it has be­come on other plat­forms.

Last Light Redux and 2033 Redux are based on the nov­els of Rus­sian au­thor Dmitry Glukhovsky, who is ap­par­ently writ­ing books that tie in to fu­ture edi­tions of the game.

Ac­tion takes place in an in­cred­i­bly hos­tile en­vi­ron­ment. You’ll spend much of your time chang­ing gas masks, fight­ing mu­tants and des­per­ately search­ing for ammo. So you can ex­pect some of the best first-per­son stealth game­play you’ve ever ex­pe­ri­enced as you strug­gle to sur­vive dozens of im­mer­sive lev­els.

While some gamers com­plained that the weapon se­lec­tion is some­what limited and Mac users should know the more pow­er­ful sys­tems de­liver the best game-play re­sults, most are im­pressed by its haunt­ing en­vi­ron­ments and game-spe­cific quirks that set th­ese ti­tles apart.

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