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OS X Server makes it pos­si­ble to cen­tralise Time Ma­chine back­ups

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If you’re the proud owner of more than one Mac – or you live in a multi-Mac house­hold – then you know that keep­ing all your ma­chines backed up in­de­pen­dently can be costly.

The ob­vi­ous so­lu­tion is to cen­tralise your back­ups in one con­ve­nient lo­ca­tion, en­abling you to re­duce the cost of main­tain­ing sep­a­rate back­ups for each Mac by shar­ing a sin­gle back-up drive. One route to achiev­ing this is to buy a ded­i­cated net­work drive, such as Ap­ple’s Time Capsule, but that’s quite an ex­pen­sive route.

Thank­fully, there’s an al­ter­na­tive: OS X Server (£14.99, http://ap­ple. co/1MEKGPL). In­stall this on your main Mac – or an old, spare one – and it can be con­fig­ured to give all the other Macs on your net­work ac­cess to its spare stor­age as a tar­get for their Time Ma­chine back­ups. It’s also scal­able, be­cause you can add more stor­age, as and when you can af­ford it, to boost your back-up ca­pac­ity.

It’s rel­a­tively sim­ple to set up and main­tain. Once con­nected to the Time Ma­chine server, your other Macs will back up just as they would to a di­rectly at­tached drive, al­beit a bit slower over your net­work. It’s also worth not­ing that back­ing up (and re­cov­ery, if needed) will only oc­cur when the server is on and con­nected to your net­work. Nick Peers

OS X Server makes one Mac avail­able as a Time Ma­chine tar­get for oth­ers

OS X Server al­lows you to keep all your house­hold’s back­ups in one con­ve­nient place.

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