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Move your en­tire Win­dows setup onto a new Mac with ease

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Ap­ple’s Boot Camp soft­ware al­lows you to start your Mac up in Win­dows, not just OS X. It en­ables the use of busi­ness apps that may not be avail­able for the Mac, de­sign­ers and de­vel­op­ers can test web­sites and apps on Win­dows, and you can choose from many more games.

How­ever, if you up­grade or re­place your Mac, you need to start all over and re­in­stall Win­dows on the new Mac, along with all your Win­dows apps and games. That can take ages be­cause some games are tens of gi­ga­bytes large. Then there’s the trick­i­ness of Win­dows’ ac­ti­va­tion process. Ap­ple’s OS is free these days, but Win­dows still costs al­most £100.

Win­clone (twoca­noes.com) helps trans­fer your Boot Camp par­ti­tion, com­plete with all your apps and games, from one Mac to another. You’ll need Win­clone Stan­dard ($40, about £26), not the cheaper ‘Ba­sic’ edi­tion, but it can be a real time­saver if you’ve got a lot of soft­ware to trans­fer. It’s also cheaper than buy­ing a new copy of Win­dows – if you orig­i­nally bought a re­tail (boxed) copy of Win­dows then you can trans­fer the li­cence to a new Mac. How­ever, note that if it was an OEM copy (pro­vided with a PC), it’s legally tied to the hard­ware it came with. Cliff Joseph

Win­clone helps you trans­fer Win­dows with all your soft­ware to a new Mac

Win­clone 5 can copy all your Win­dows apps and games onto a Boot Camp par­ti­tion on a new Mac.

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