Au­to­mate tasks with Ed­i­to­rial

Master this hugely pow­er­ful text editor and au­to­ma­tion tool for iPad

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At its sim­plest, Ed­i­to­rial is a text editor that sup­ports Mark­down, the plain text for­mat­ting syn­tax that’s gained in pop­u­lar­ity in re­cent years and is sup­ported by Word­Press, among oth­ers.

How­ever, there’s much more to it than that. Ed­i­to­rial en­ables you to au­to­mate repet­i­tive tasks by cre­at­ing re­us­able work­flows. There are three ways you can add work­flows in Ed­i­to­rial: by script­ing them from scratch in Python; by putting Ac­tions to­gether in se­quence, a bit like Au­toma­tor; or by im­port­ing work­flows cre­ated by oth­ers.

Most of us lack the skills to take the first op­tion, but the lat­ter two are rea­son­ably straight­for­ward. Hav­ing been around for a cou­ple of years, Ed­i­to­rial has a core of devo­tees who pro­duce work­flows and make them avail­able for use, so you may not need to cre­ate your own at all.

As well as text, work­flows can process im­ages. The one we’ll build quickly adds an im­age from your Drop­box folder to an Ed­i­to­rial doc­u­ment. Kenny Hem­phill

Ed­i­to­rial al­lows you to au­to­mate repet­i­tive tasks by cre­at­ing re­us­able work­flows

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