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I have gone through all my back is­sues to find some ba­sic help with Pages and the in­ter­net is no help. Just how do you force a long ta­ble to split be­tween pages when us­ing this app?

I teach Span­ish and use ba­sic ta­bles to lay out var­i­ous di­a­logues, but I can’t find a way force a page break half­way through a long ta­ble. You have shown us how to han­dle im­ages and so on, but some­thing as ba­sic as this seems to be lack­ing. Ap­ple, whilst in­tu­itive and very good, seems some­times to miss the boat a bit. I never had this prob­lem with Win­dows and I re­ally do not want to go back to Mi­crosoft. Can you help? David Simp­son

Seth Singh says This ca­pa­bil­ity ap­pears to be present in the latest ver­sion of Pages (5.5.3). When a row be­comes too tall to fit onto a page, the app will move that row to the next page, po­ten­tially leav­ing you with a large gap at the bot­tom of the one from which it was bumped down. (One way to pre­vent that is to man­u­ally split the long con­tents of a cell into two rows, though the suc­cess of that will de­pend any au­to­matic for­mat­ting you’ve set for the ta­ble.)

If you find that a ta­ble doesn’t be­have this way, and be­comes cropped at the end of a page, se­lect the ta­ble and then open the For­mat in­spec­tor. Click Ar­range and set

Ob­ject Place­ment to Move with Text, and choose In­line with Text for the Text Wrap op­tion. Your ta­ble should now au­to­mat­i­cally split over as many pages as it needs to.

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